Intelligent Systems and the Systematization of Pharmacological Knowledge: Application of the In Vitro Retina Model

Vera Maura Fernandes de Lima1, 2, Jose Airamir Padilha de Castro3, 4, Wolfgang Hanke*, 5
1 Federal University of São João del Rei (UFSJ)- Campus Divinopolis, Medical School, MG, Brazil
2 Experimental Surgery Laboratory-LIM 26, School of Medicine, University of São Paulo Av Dr Arnaldo 455 São Paulo, SP, Brazil
3 ANVISA (Federal Agency for Public Health), Brazil
4 Special Adviser to the Public Health Secretary of the Federal Distric Government, Brasilia, DF, Brazil
5 University of Hohenheim, Inst. Physiology, Stuttgart, Germany

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In this century, the IT technology will spread intelligent systems based on cameras, sensors and computers across all fields of the human endeavor. The systematization of knowledge will reach new levels of organization and applications. Scientific knowledge will not be an exception. In this paper we present the results of validation tests made with the in vitro retina model in order to propose the systematization of pharmacological knowledge in experimental platforms supplied with data banks. Data banks can be made either for the speeding up of pre-clinical research or for the control of quality of pure substances or pharmaceutical preparations. These applications and other implementations of using the retinal spreading model in pharmacological research will be useful for the users, manufacturers and authorities of regulation of public health.

Keywords: Retinal spreading depression, pharmacology, quality control, generica, Brazil.